Most romantic relationships started positively at the outset and may have continued to flourish for a good deal of time before difficulties arose. Even with difficulties, couples can repair their relationship, (often with the help of a professional counselor), and once again be happy together.

Sustain & Strengthen

How can committed couples sustain and even strengthen their relationship? The 1st 5 strategies are from Adlerian counselors and authors, Jon Carlson and Len Sperry. Numbers 6 – 10 are additional ones that I also recommend to my couple clients.

  1. Consistent and regular times to communicate with each other
  2. Encouragement of each other
  3. Setting aside time on a regular basis to resolve conflict
  4. Regular time of having fun together
  5. Developing specific plans for activities together as a couple, including fun with each other
  6. Notice and tell you partner of the many instances throughout your day where he or she made your life better
  7. Process your day together. Process your week together
  8. Let little stuff go… A lot of what your partner does won’t make sense to you. That’s OK
  9. Refrain from criticism. Don’t blame. If it is important to discuss, do so with a lot of forethought to minimize defensiveness during your discussion
  10. Increase your touch-points of affection. Let your person know he or she is special