10 Tips to Sleep Better and Stress Less!

With less than optimal sleep, we will feel stress more acutely, in our bodies, our thinking and our emotions. Brain glitching, impatience and irritability can become the norm. But even when we endeavor get more, or better quality sleep, falling asleep and staying asleep through the night can be challenging. These tips can help:

  1. Do some physical exercise most every day to discharge your nervous system
  2. Get plenty of light in the day and have a dark shades for deepersleep
  3. Use a white noise machine or have a fan on low to cover inevitable night noise
  4. Avoid doing projects, watching news shows or action entertainment at night
  5. Start your bedtime routine much earlier in the evening
  6. Do evening reading on relaxing subjects that aren’t related to your work life
  7. Use your cell’s “auto lighting” setting and a “blue light filter” to sooth your eyes
  8. When reading concentration first wanes, turn out the light
  9. Let go of concerning thoughts, especially concern about falling asleep
  10. If you wake up in the night, think about your dreams; not your daily life

Try these tips and notice if your sleep improves. Poor sleep that results from something that you are struggling with may need more than good tips. Counseling may help.