If you choose to work with me, you can expect me to be curious and interested in each of you as unique individuals, as well as what it has been like for the two of you as a couple. At one point, you liked and loved each other enough to become a couple, perhaps get married, or even have children together. Did something change for one of you, both of you, or are there underlying issues all along that became more problematic over time?

For most couples, there are many factors involved – some of them major and some quite minor (but still frustrating). You may be painfully aware of many of those difficulties. Other contributing factors may be hidden from you and your partner, but will become apparent within the therapy sessions. Until the two of you really understand what is going on internally within yourself and within the mind of your partner, and how this manifests in your communication and interactions together, making your relationship better, long-term, may stay out of reach. My first job, as a trained marriage therapist, is to help you both gain the insights required to understand what is really happening within the two of you.

With this understanding you, your partner, fiancée or spouse can try on new ways of thinking and take new actions that will move you both forward to a place of relationship renewal. And this is my second job… to give you remedies to your specific difficulties. In each session, I will teach you communication tools that will enhance how you talk and relate with each other. They are tailored to the two of you.

My last job is to be neutral… not taking sides, but instead to help you and your husband, wife or partner to hear, understand, respect and appreciate each other’s perspective.

In summary, I will do my best to understand your present difficulties within the life of your total relationship, including the times when you were getting along well. If both of you want to move towards feeling loving with each other, I will do my best to help you find your way back to happiness with each other.

Simply text or call me at 320-223-9481. There is no charge for a short discussion about your relationship and how counseling might improve it.

Counseling focus: Most of my work is in marriage and relationship counseling. I also work with individuals in life transition and do career and business/executive coaching.

Personal background:  My wife of over 2 decades, Bonnett Chandler, MA, is also a psychotherapist who primarily works with children and families. My own children have been adults for many years.

Thank you,

Richard Chandler, MA, LPC (Masters in Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy, Licensed Professional Counselor)