St Cloud Business Workshop Topics for Organizations

  • Professional Workplace Communication
  • Navigating Change– Managing Crisis
  • Improving Teams by Understanding Personality Type
  • Achieving A Holistic Balance of Work and Personal Life
  • Lowering Stress… What Really Works

How to Deliver Positive, Neutral & Corrective Feedback

Managers learn how to stop delivering awkward, uncomfortable and unfocused feedback by learning the psychologically-informed feedback skills required to be clearly understood the first time. Instead, give your direct and indirect reports focused, effective feedback!

  • Set the stage to maximize receptivity
  • Successfully deliver positive, neutral and critical feedback
  • Psychologically tailor your feedback
  • Minimize your recipient’s defensiveness
  • Confidently maximize acceptance and follow-through from your feedback

St Cloud Business Workshop on 6 “Must-Have” Core Leadership Skills

New and experienced supervisors will learn the 6 “must-have” core leadership skills to effectively lead teams for an enhanced individual, cultural and ‘group dynamic’ savvy.
1. A Star Leadership Mindset
2. Your Perspective vs. Others
3. Giving Effective Feedback
4. Leading During Transitions
5. Transforming Conflict
6. Building an “All-Star” Team

Gain psychologically-informed communication tools that motivate. Be ready to build and lead an “All-Star” team!

Stop Misunderstanding Coworkers – “Myers-Briggs®” & “People Styles at Work”

Learn psychological personality type insights from “Myers-Briggs®” and “People Styles at Work” for clear, effective and accurate workplace communications.

  • Learn how to “get” others, even co-workers with very different personalities than yours
  • Discover how Analyzers, Drivers, Expressives and Amiables successfully flex to team-mates and customers to increase their understanding and communications’ accuracy while decreasing mistakes
  • Learn “Myers-Briggs®” and “People Styles at Work” insights for clear, effective and accurate workplace communications.
  • Learn how to “get” others, even co-workers with very different personalities than yours

Working with Richard Chandler, MA, LPC as Your St Cloud, MN, Central Minnesota Presenter

  • Length of workshops may “flex” based on your organization’s needs. Those listed above may be delivered as 1-hour talks up to half-day workshop presentations
  • Workshops are tailored to your organization’s unique needs.  I endeavor to apply the content to your industry
  • I will provide you with a written description of the workshop suitable for you to promote it internally
  • My workshops are engaging and interactive to the extent your people wish to participate
  • Participants will receive a written outline of the presentation

Focused Workshops Build Leadership Skills that Reinforce the Vision of CEO’s and Executives

Whether you wish to explore executive coaching and consulting or find out more about scheduling an in-house or offsite workshop, I would welcome talking with you about you your company’s goals for growing your organization.