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3 Types of Business Decisions - by Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, Strategic Leadership Consultant

All too often, when leaders make business decisions, their team members may be confused, disappointed and devalued. Usually, this occurs because the business leader was not clear with his or her team about the kind of decision that was being made. Here are the 3 types:

1. An executive decision made without consulting others

2. An executive decision made after consulting others

3. A collaborative decision

A common reason for a team's unhappiness is due to the business owner, CEO or executive not being clear at the outset as to the kind of decision being made. When he or she asks team members for input, they assume that their team leader is making a collaborative decision. Therefore they are often disappointed when the decision does not seem to include their input. To remedy this, the leader simply announces at the start of the team discussion that it is the 2nd kind of decision, an executive decision made after consulting others. The team leader lets his or her team know that their input is valuable and will be strongly considered prior to deciding, but the decision itself will be made solely by the executive. With this clarity, team members are not so likely to be confused and disappointed after the decision is made.