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Online Teletherapy & Telephone Sessions & In-Office Processes for Maximum Coronavirus Safety

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From the time that the coronavirus pandemic resulted in stay-at-home measures here in Minnesota in Mid-March, I have continued to serve new and existing clients. Couples clients, individual clients (primarily men), and career consulting clients continued to work with me by phone and through online teletherapy. 

Due to the sharp increase in coronavirus cases in the St. Cloud area, including Stearns County, I will be postponing offering sessions within our Chandler Counseling & Consulting - St. Cloud, MN office. The remainder of this post gives you specific information on how we will serve clients safely, once our office does open up again, by going through our Covid-19 safety protocols. 

Our Schedule for Online or St Cloud, MN In-office Counseling Therapy Sessions

In general, I schedule online teletherapy and telephone sessions on Mondays - Fridays and Saturday mornings.  Unlike most counselor therapists, I do not schedule on the hour, but instead, space sessions 1.5 hours apart. You will receive a full hour of therapy. If your session lasts a little longer than one hour, I will not charge you an additional fee beyond the hourly rate.

To best accommodate clients who work during the workday, my standard Monday through Friday appointment times on weekdays are:

  • 2:30 pm
  • 4:00 pm
  • 5:30 pm

I also help working individual and couples' clients by offering Saturday morning times of:

  • 8:30  am
  • 10:00 am
  • 11:30 am

The other times that you may arrange, if the above times do not work in your schedule, are 9:00 am or 1:00 pm times on weekdays. Occasionally, I make exceptions to my standard times to accommodate my clients' busy lives. Please call or text on my dedicated counsel cellphone of 320-223-9481, or email me at for your short, no-cost consult, or to schedule a one-hour session. My rates and questions about insurance coverage and number of sessions are answered on this link.

St. Cloud Counseling Therapy for Couples Counseling, Marriage Therapy with Richard Chandler and Bonnett Chandler

Our In-Office Safety Processes to Prevent Spreading Covid-19

We are committed to having a safe in-office environment to minimize risk from the coronavirus.

Between Sessions, I Use Disinfectant Wipes to Clean:

  • Office-building door-handles for the back entrance only
  • The reception room counter when you are filling out an intake form
  • Inner doorknobs for the inner and outer doors to my office
  • Men's & woman's bathroom door-handles, sink-knobs, light switches, and toilet-flush-handles
  • Your chair armrests
  • The small end table between the client chairs

Face Masks, Bandannas or Scarves are Required to Protect You, Me & the Clients After Your Session

  • Homemade cloth or commercial face masks are fine
  • Please put your mask, bandanna or scarf on before entering my counseling office

Social Distancing Observed

  • We are no longer doing handshaking at the beginning or end of sessions
  • During your session we will be keeping a 6' distance to protect everyone

Safe Credit Card Process

  • Place your credit card into my credit card machine then step away from it
  • I will punch in the amount, then step away.
  • After processing, you may step back and tear off your receipt and remove your card

If your concern about the risk of having your session in our office is quite high, consider eliminating risk completely by instead having a telephone or online teletherapy session. We are looking forward to working with you by phone, online teletherapy, or within our office.


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