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Reviews from CEO Clients in Central MN

“I have been working with Richard on a monthly basis since May of 2015 on improving my effectiveness as a business owner and partner. Through insightful dialog, Richard has helped me improve my outlook and approach to challenging problems. I credit my work with him for dramatically improving my relationships with key partners and for improving my leadership skills. I believe the value of my time and investment with Richard has been paid back tenfold in improved attitude and performance in my life.”

Joe Meyer, CEO, Pristine Environmental

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2 Reviews from a Financial Planning Firm


Thank you so much for your expertise in leading the two group sessions and for the time you spent with us individually as well.  The sessions provided insight into our differing work styles. With your professional presence, we were able to talk openly regarding work challenges and also have the opportunity to role play to more effectively communicate or handle an upcoming project or situation.

It was very nice meeting you; again thank you for your time spent with us.SueAnn M. Perreault
Client Relationship Manager
Kowalik & Associates, LLC

Thanks so much, Richard; you provided such a valuable workshop for our office. We are already using many of the tools and have a great understanding of our different styles of communication. I would absolutely recommend that any business would benefit from your expertise and individuals as well. You are very professional and easy to understand and we will want to see you again in the fall for an update and refresher.  Thanks again for helping me and my business!

Warmest regards,Naomi Kowalik
Kowalik and Associates LLC

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Review from a St. Cloud Central MN CEO Executive Coaching Client

Over the past two years spent working with Richard, I have grown a tremendous amount. Not only individually and personally, but also with my business. It started out as an avenue to discuss personal matters, including the untimely death of my father, and eventually elevated to a business mentorship relationship. With my family business, there are different areas needing attention personally, which ultimately lead directly to my work life.

Richard has helped bridge the gap between my personal life, the sharing of information with my family and friends and running the company that is now much more successful today than it was two years ago. I genuinely attribute some of that success to him. Having an avenue to discuss my company matters with someone who is entirely unbiased is extremely helpful in growing your business. You can discuss any subject, with any level of concern, and always take away valuable feedback on the information on topics that you may not otherwise wish to consult with colleagues or business partners.

Before working with Richard, my life was too consumed in the operations of my business, which ultimately led to difficulties in my personal life. Being able to have help in dealing with everything from personal issues with family members, to developing a strategy to help create a new management team within my business, has been bar none the most productive use of my time versus having to find help from two different sources. It is hard enough to find someone so skilled in those areas individually, but to have Richard’s ability to navigate them together, is a lasting investment of my time and worthwhile personally and professionally.

It is sometimes hard to navigate through the cloudiness that life in business can provide. Sometimes deciphering those differences in how your personal life is running, is entirely different than how your business needs to be run. When you have a lack of direction on either, it can make both areas fall short of equilibrium, and you end up fighting harder to make sense of either. Having council in these areas together is the only thing that will help clear the clouds.

After over four years of working with Richard, I now find myself working in areas of strategy and sustainability of my business for the long term. It was difficult for me to get out of the daily rituals that consumed my business day. There have been times when I have wondered if I have given away too much to my new management team, but seeing our company growing without some of my direct interaction is proof that the decisions I have made, with the guidance of Richard, were the best for my business.

I now find time to get out of the office and enjoy personal hobbies and my family time, which otherwise would have gone to the wayside. The relationship with my wife and daughter have only strengthened, my stress levels have minimized from where they were, and my relationship with other family members has improved. Working on the business, rather than in the business, is a significant milestone for any leader within an organization. As hard as it was to make the first step in consulting with Richard, it has been one of the single most important and valuable decisions I have made in my career.

A Central Minnesota Business Owner with approximately 100 employees