Successfully Navigating Life with ADD/ADHD

Living life with Attention Deficit Disorder, whether it is the inattentive kind, (commonly referred to as ADD), or the hyperactive kind, (usually called ADHD), as a middle school, high school or college student can be very frustrating to the person with ADD/ADHD, as well as for parents.

As an adult with ADD/ADHD, job security is at higher risk, and that person’s life partner might find himself or herself under continual strain.

On the other hand, often the most creative ‘right brained’ people, including those who work as artists and entrepreneurs, live rewarding and successful lives by learning to utilize the positive attributes of attention deficit disorder while employing strategies to manage disorganization and short-term memory issues.

I can help you to assess and understand Attention Deficit. But more importantly, my work can really help with successful strategies that contribute significantly to easing the stress for you or a loved one with ADD/ADHD.

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* Telephone or video conferencing sessions may be arranged.  Although we do not accept insurance, our rates are very affordable. We have a sliding fee scale with reasonable minimums.  * We Welcome & Affirm LGBTQ Clients.