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I focus on online and telephone anger management therapy for Twin Cities, St. Cloud, adults throughout Minnesota. The work helps you prevent irritation and frustration from becoming outbursts of anger that embarrass you afterward, hurt others, and distance you from loved ones.

An alternative to counseling therapy is to learn about my anger management course: Transform Anger: Gain Calmer Thinking, Skillful actions & Harmonious Relationships

This 8-hour certified anger management class is designed to help you fundamentally change your behavior. You will gain:

1. Insight to recognize when you are in the beginning stages of your anger pattern.

2. Practical tools to interrupt that pattern before it escalates.

3. Ways to almost instantly calm yourself in situations that would usually make you mad.

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Do you find yourself:
  • Becoming angry all too often?
  • Do you wish to quit losing control, saying hurtful words or actions?
  • Do you personally experience getting mad as a rocket-like rise in emotion?
  • Are hurtful words or actions often aimed at another before you also realize that you are angry?
  • Have you tried to stay calm, yet continued to have outbursts arising from anger?
  • Do you personally experience getting mad as a rocket-like rise in emotion?
  • Are hurtful words or actions often aimed at another before you even realize that you have become angry?

I approach anger differently. In the anger management counseling that I do, together, we seek to understand your unique anger pattern, interrupt that pattern, and even replace your habit with a new way of responding tailored to you.

“Anybody can become angry — that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way — that is not within everybody's power and is not easy.”

― Aristotle

Anger Management Therapy that is Individually-Based

Anger Management Therapy Online or by Telephone throughout Minnesota

Learning generic methods taught in most anger management classes can fall short. Your process of rapid escalation is unique to you. Until you thoroughly understand this pattern, (even though it occurs in fractions of a second), and know how to interrupt it, extreme outbursts are likely to continue. Typical in-personn anger management classes to may not give you the tools that you need to stop angry outbursts, despite the many hours of attending St. Cloud anger management classes.

There is also a risk that confidentiality will not be maintained by some members of an anger management group. With one-to-one counseling, confidentiality by the therapist is assured. Note: There could be some exceptions to confidentiality, such as when the therapist is ordered by a judge to release records or to testify. Those exceptions are disclosed to you at the very beginning of the first counseling session.

To get started as an anger therapy client, this page walks you through the process.

To check out our Transform Anger course, please click this link and watch the video

Angry man in need of anger management in St Cloud, MN
Angry man in need of anger management

7 Steps To Interrupt Your Anger Pattern

My counseling process is to identify the individual way in which you escalate from mild irritation to full-blown anger. This is mapped out into identifiable and body responses combined with a series of thoughts. Once those steps are identified and mapped out, you can begin to recognize when you are in an escalating anger pattern. This gives you an opportunity to interrupt your unique pattern.

Here is the process that I use to discover and change your unique anger process.

  1. We simulate several situations where you became angry in the past.
  2. We map out what happens inside of you including all of your usual thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.
  3. We identify and test out a number of potentially successful ways for you to interrupt your pattern.
  4. Together we choose your best interruption patterns.
  5. You practice the interruption patterns both within the counseling sessions and in your actual life.
  6. We also map out a success pattern for anger management that actually works for you. This is your personal process for handling frustration and irritation without becoming mad.
  7. You also practice using your new process of anger management therapy in our St. Cloud office and in your life

Why does this process work? Because it is based uniquely on you. It is not generic. Processes that are typically part of anger management classes can fail to get to the heart of what tics you off and what happens internally with you prior to responding. The Central MN counseling clients that I have reported success by using this 7-step process of anger management therapy. This process works for women as well as when counseling men.

St Cloud couple in angry-argue-argument needing marriage therapy

Successfully Working with Irritation & Frustration in Your Life

In addition to working with your anger process itself, we will look at what is behind the initial irritation and frustration that was present before you became angry.

Click here for an article about working with frustration and communicating without anger on our MN Counseling Therapy website.

Some of this work could involve requesting your wife, husband, fiancee, girlfriend, boyfriend, family members, or coworkers to do their best to modify how they are communicating with you.

We will discuss ways in which to talk about helping you in this way. Doing so gives others in your life an opportunity to understand how to help you decrease instances of you triggering you into states of irritation and frustration.

Most clients with whom I have done this work have had quick improvement. A significant change was made by most within 3 sessions.

Please email, text, or call at 320-223-9481 if you wish to have a short, complimentary discussion on working with me on anger management.

An alternative to counseling therapy is to learn about my Transform Anger: Gain Calmer Thinking, Skillful actions & Harmonious Relationships online course.

The 8-hour certified anger course is designed to fundamentally change your behavior by giving you the emotional insight to recognize when you are in the beginning stages of your anger pattern and the tools to interrupt that pattern and instead resolve disagreements without anger. Learn about it on our Relationships Communication Website at this link.

Looking for Anger Assessments or Drug & Alcohol Assessments? We highly recommend the work of Josh Fredrickson,  Here is a link to his website along with his contact information.


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