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Man Researching Counseling Therapy in St Cloud, MN

What To Expect When You Work with Richard Chandler, MA, LPC

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It is a big step for most people to seek out help for difficulties in their lives. Doing so takes courage. From the first contact by email, text, or by calling, to what happens at the beginning of the first session, this page will explain what to expect as a new counseling client of Chandler Counseling & Consulting - St Cloud, MN.

When You Contact Us By Phone, Email or Text

While we answer our phone when not in sessions with clients, you may initially get our voice-mail. We will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. Just leave us your phone number and a brief message. If you can also text us a short message, perhaps with any questions you might have, we can get back to you with the fastest response time. You may also email us with your questions.

We take your confidentiality very seriously from the very start of your contact with us. This link on this website informs you of our privacy policy, in all the way that you may interact with us, including through this website, by phone, text, or email.

Woman Considering Counseling Services as a New Client of Richard Chandler, MA, LPC
Woman Considering Counseling Services

We Offer a Short "No-Cost" Telephone Consultation to Answer Your Questions

Before scheduling a session, many people prefer to have a short, no cost telephone consult so we both can determine if working together makes sense. We may also discuss whether individual counseling therapy, life coaching, couples counseling, or family therapy would be the best option for you. If it doesn't look like we will be the best counselors for your situation, we may suggest several counselors who might be a better match for you.

We will answer all of your questions regarding payment for our services. Although we are not part of the insurance system, we do have reasonable rates. We also offer a sliding fee scale. We will do our best to accommodate your busy life with flexible scheduling, including providing evening and Saturday times. Intake forms don't take long for new clients of Chandler Counseling & Consulting to complete.

What You Can Expect to Happen in Your First Counseling Therapy Session Itself

After meeting you and having you take a seat, we will overview the basic format of your first session. Typically:

  • We begin by answering any preliminary questions you may have about the counseling session
  • We devote 2-minutes to reviewing the confidentiality and informed consent agreement. This link on this website informs you of our privacy policy, once you become a client
  • Next, I devote another 2 minutes to look over what you wrote on your intake form. As I do this, I will encourage you to relax and gather your thoughts.
  • I will ask you to give me enough background information to understand how your difficulties fit within your life. In marriage therapy and couples counseling, for example, how you first met, how long you dated before getting married or cohabiting, any children from previous relationships as well as children you have together are essential to know.
  • Next, we will talk about the difficulties in your life that that brought you into counseling therapy.
    At some point, I will suggest some ideas that might be of help in improving those difficulties we have talked about
  • I will summarize the session and develop a shortlist of things you can do outside of the therapy session to help improve things
  • I will ask you if you wish to schedule another session. If so, we will find a mutually convenient time.
    We finish with payment, which can be by check or credit card, or cash.

Because restoring balance and contentment in your life is a process, which may take time, commitment, and some financial investment on your part, it is best not to have unrealistic expectations. Also, know that most people do notice their lives improving through counseling therapy, life coaching, or marriage therapy.

Thank you for taking the time to read what to expect as a new client of Chandler Counseling & Consulting of St Cloud, MN. I am looking forward to working with you. Richard Chandler, MA, LPC

I can answer your specific questions by calling or texting me at (320)223-9481 or email me at, and we can discuss whether or not it makes sense for us to work together.