Counseling Resources for Help with Troubled Marriages & Family or Work Relationships

Media Resources for counseling and psychotherapy

  • We have a very informative facebook page of relationship tips for couples.
  • Our other facebook page with insights and tips for lowering stress is: SressLessToday
  • The St. Cloud Times articles, “Energy Vampires,” and “He Cheated. Now What?,” was based in large part on interviews with Richard Chandler, MA, LPC. The articles were written by the journalist, Stephanie Dickrell.
  • The Life Integration Journal, authored by Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, has been widely used. People find it very helpful for gaining clarity, insight and life direction. Many people have found it of real value. Perhaps you might too.
  • Life-Integration-Journal-to gain insight and happiness
  • Fellowship of the Rings - Common Sense Wisdom for Lasting Marriages is an easily-read booklet with outstanding practical value for committed couples to better understand the cause of their friction points as well as the ways to get their relationship back on track. The author, Kirk Lamb, Ph.D., LP, is a retired psychologist and couples therapist. The booklet is available from us and costs $6.95.

Counselor Resources in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro area of Minnesota

  • A gifted therapist in the Adlerian counseling tradition with whom I worked with in my Adler Graduate School training is Thomas Wright, MTh, LMFT. I have referred people to him over the years and they also have been very satisfied with his high-quality counseling work. He is located in Golden Valley, just northwest of Minneapolis, MN.  Thomas Wright's website is here.
  • John Reardon, MA, of Phoenix Process Consultants. In addition to working with individuals and couples, John excels in working with businesses and other organizations. He is located in Minnetonka, west of Minneapolis. Connect with John's Reardon's website here.
  • Laurie Schwartz, MA, LPC, does wonderful work in somatic healing and trauma recovery. She is located in St. Paul, MN. Her website and organization are called the Healing House of St. Paul.

Parent Coaching Resource with a Local Presence in Central MN

Jaci Finneman offers a unique coaching service to parents who may be struggling with a child, or children, who are not cooperative, and often disruptive. She has decades of experience in showing parents more effective and empowering ways to parent. The results of her work can be transformative in moving children, (from toddlers to teenagers), from disruption to cooperation. If parenting has been challenging for you, check out Jaci Finneman's website.