Myers-Briggs® & Strong Interest® Assessments

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Myers-Briggs® For Optimal Team-Building

Have you been puzzled by how challenging it has been for your teams to get along well with their fellow teammates, or even with other teams? Have you had difficulties communicating effectively with your business partner, to the extent that it has had an affect on your operations?

There is a way to help people communicate and work together much more effectively. In my work with clients, I draw on my experience as a psychotherapist, executive coach, business partners counselor, and MBTI® Master Practitioner to take people through the Myers-Briggs® Step II Assessment. This more sophisticated assessment deepens the lessons you may already be familiar with from the more standard Myers-Briggs® Assessment.

Myers-Briggs for optimal team-building
Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Assessments

Clients Choose New Career or Job Options through Myers-Briggs® & Strong® Assessments

In order to move forward into a new career,  it is imperative that you have the best possible information so that your decisions are sound. Not only do you need to explore the various career options available to you in the St Cloud, MN and Central Minnesota area; it is also critical that you have insight into your own inner processes so that you may find engaging work which is a productive match for you.

We provide state-of-art assessment tools and consulting services to help you gain insights into matching your unique preferences, strengths, passions, abilities, and skills with prospective career opportunities. Please text or call at 320-223-9481, or email me to ask any questions using Myers-Briggs® for your own personal, work life and career.  I am certified as an MBTI® Master Practitioner and really enjoy working with clients with this insightful tool.

The Strong Interest Inventory® is a Researched, Reliable and Validated Assessment for Your Next Career

The Strong Interest Inventory® sorts out preferred categories of work, styles of working and the extent to which your results match others in various occupations. If you are in a couple's relationship, it is most beneficial to meet with you and your life partner to interpret your results, as this will be very insightful for both of you and should be of help for your relationship.  For college students, we can meet with one or both of your parents as well. There is no additional fee for meeting with your support people to interpret your results during the career consultation session.

Myers-Briggs Personality Types Key Graphic of Extroverts, Introverts, Sensors, Intuitives, Thinkers, Feelers, Judgers and Perceivers

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Step II Helps You Find Careers that Match Your Psychological Personality Type

Myers-Briggs® For Couples

Myers-Briggs® "Psychological Personality Type" assessments have helped many of my engaged, married, and committed couples to understand each other. A great many Central Minnesota couples have used this assessment to improve their relationship communication.

For me, interpreting the results of a couples' Myers-Briggs® within the counseling session is like watching light bulbs being turned on! Both partners have flashes of insight as they more fully appreciate the differences in how each thinks and processes their experience. With this new insight, appreciation, and tolerance for each other's unique ways of thinking, understanding grows, and misunderstanding fades.

Couple doing a therapy session outside on a laptop in Golden Valley, MN

Career Assessments Provide Tailored Solutions to Work Challenges faceed by my St Cloud, MN and Central Minnesota Clients

  • Career choice and/or change
  • Major work-life transition
  • Enhancing work or personal communication
  • Managing crisis
  • Improving difficult work relationships
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