How Couples Improve Their Relationship with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Step II

Happy Married Couple Who Understand Each Other with the Myers-Briggs®

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Many of the Central Minnesota couples that I have worked with over the years have used the standard version or the preferred, more sophisticated version of the Myers-Briggs® to better understand their spouse and to be better understood themselves.

Myers-Briggs® "Psychological Personality Type" assessments have helped many of my engaged, married, and committed couples to understand each other. A great many Central Minnesota couples have used this assessment to improve their relationship communication.

For me, interpreting the results of a couples' Myers-Briggs® within the counseling session is like watching light bulbs being turned on! Both partners have flashes of insight as they more fully appreciate the differences in how each thinks and processes their experience. With this new insight, appreciation, and tolerance for each other's unique ways of thinking, understanding grows, and misunderstanding fades.

My experience of conducting hundreds of Myers-Briggs® interpretations, and my training as a certified MBTI® Master Practitioner, truly helps couples. Consider learning how your psychological personality type plays out in your relationship.

You and Your Mate Can Improve Communications Through the Myers-Briggs® 

  • Understand your individual psychological needs and be able to better express them to your wife or husband
  • Discover the preferences of your romantic partner that often contribute to misunderstanding
  • Be much better understo0d and accepted by your wife, husband or romantic partner
  • Make wiser decisions together by factoring in your individual decision-making preferences so the process goes more smoothly
  • Develop better strategies and agreement on how you structure your household finances
  • Better know and respect each other based on your similarities and your differences
Myers-Briggs Personality Types Key Graphic of Extroverts, Introverts, Sensors, Intuitives, Thinkers, Feelers, Judgers and Perceivers

Additional Benefits of the Myers-Briggs® for the St Cloud, MN Couples who work with me in Marriage Therapy

In addition to your relationship itself, we may also discuss how your psychological personality type impacts other aspects of your lives together including:

  • You and your spouse's potential career advancement opportunities
  • Major life transitions that either of you may be going through
  • Challenges that each of you might be having with work relationships
  • The psychological preferences in how you both manage money and how to better understand your spouse's preferences rather than only understanding your own
  • Difficult family relationships with your own family members or your relationships with your in-laws
Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Assessments

Ted® Talk On How Myers-Briggs® Psychological Personality Type Impacts Love Relationships

The following TEDx video from Jean M. Kummerow, Ph.D., LP, given at Grinnell College, provides an educational and entertaining overview of how psychological personality type informs us of the ways that people communicate in personal and work relationships.

Please text or call at 320-223-9481, or email me to ask any questions using Myers-Briggs® for exploring career options as well as in your personal life.  I am certified as an MBTI® Master Practitioner and really enjoy working with clients with this insightful tool. After our initial no-cost conversation, we will both know if it makes sense for us to work together in marriage counseling or career consulting.

Best, Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, MBTI® Master Practitioner

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