Cost & Insurance Coverage

Does Insurance Cover Therapy?

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No, MN Counseling Therapy does not take insurance.

Insurance, including government coverage, only covers treatment for individuals with diagnosed mental illnesses.

You can seek individual or couples therapy without being given a mental health diagnosis. When you use insurance, therapists have to give you a mental health diagnosis.

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What Are The Benefits Of Seeking Therapy Without Using Insurance?

If you seek therapy as an individual or couples counseling therapy, by choosing MN Counseling Therapy, you and/or your partner will not be given a mental health diagnosis.

If individually or as a couple need support in counseling therapy and does not want a mental health diagnosis, paying out of pocket for these services is a good way to accomplish this and receive therapy.

Mental Illness Is Paid Like A Physical Illness

Here is the difference: By law, mental illnesses are now on par with physical diseases. What makes a psychological issue eligible for payment under insurance and government programs is that it is diagnosable as a mental illness and treatable using either psychotherapy, medications, or both.

For insurance to pay, the psychotherapist must treat your diagnosed mental illness directly, as a medical condition.

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Scheduling Online Therapy

Telephone and video conferencing sessions are available.

Although couples counseling isn’t covered by insurance, our rates are affordable. We also have a sliding fee scale with reasonable minimums. We do not ask financial questions to qualify for our sliding fee scale. You choose the amount that is comfortable for you and your budget.


The 60-minute session fee is based on combined household income before taxes:

Less than $100,000 = $135.00
$100,000 - $149,999 = $155.00
$150,000 - $199,999 = $175.00
$200,000 - $249,999 = $200.00
$250,000 or More = $250.00

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