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We have same-day, same-week online teletherapy openings this week of March 23rd, 2020.  Our process for doing online counseling therapy is explained in detail at this link on online vs in-person counseling therapy.

We specialize in Marriage Therapy, Counseling for Men, and Career Counseling through both in-person and online counseling therapy. In addition to serving clients near us in St Cloud, Sartell, Sauk Rapids, Waite Park, Alexandria, Brainerd lakes in Central Minnesota, we are also counselors for teletherapy clients throughout Northern, Arrowhead, Southwestern and Southeastern MN, including the Twin Cities Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding MN Metro.

  1. Couples Counseling in St. Cloud, MN and thoughout Minnesota is for all romantic partners.  Married, unmarried, premarital, engaged couples who are looking for pre-marriage counseling, and those in deeply troubled relationships who are fearing their spouse may separate or divorce. Many of our marriage therapy clients have rebuilt their relationship, recovering from the loss of trust from infidelity. We help you learn ways of communication that work to restore love, friendship, trust, and renewed attraction for your mate. We also encourage recapturing the excitement for each other that first brought you together as a couple, including sexual attraction and intimacy.
  2. Men's Issues include ADD-ADHD, difficulty managing anger, relationship challenges, midlife and retirement transitions. Many men lower their anxiety by learning mindfulness meditation. Counseling therapy and Life Coaching also help men to better understand their marriage, engagement and romantic partners perspective. By working on their issues, men learn the skills needed to more deeply connect with their important marriage, family and workplace relationships.
  3. Career Consulting and Life Coaching to help you find a new career, upgrade your present employment or to begin an entrepreneurial, self-employment venture.

We are committed to genuinely helping you by answering your questions after your search for the best counselor near me. Text or call (320)223-9481 or email at for a short complimentary consultation the week of March 30th, 2020. We will confidentially answer your questions about the process and cost of counseling. We offer flexible scheduling including weekday evenings and Saturday morning times.

Calming Therapist in St Cloud, MN for Couples Counseling, Life Coaching, Business Consulting

Individual & Couples Counseling Sessions are Now Online by Secure, Confidential Video Conferencing Teletherapy

For a complete explanation of online vs. in-person therapy, go to this page, which includes the specifics of doing teletherapy with Richard Chandler, MA, LPC.

Flexible appointment times including daytime, evening and Saturday sessions
Same day - same week availability

  • We use a premium, secure, confidential online healthcare platform to give you a high-quality online counseling experience
  • Please use the Safari, Chrome or Firefox browser
  • For cell phones you may still paste the link below into one of the browsers specified below, or download the app from your app store
  • At your scheduled time, please click on our dedicated link, or paste it into the proper browser: to begin your individual or couples counseling session. It will prompt you to give permission to use the video and audio or your cell phone, laptop or video cam.
  • You may also use this link, or call, to have a short, no-cost consult to answer your questions about counseling therapy

Couples Counseling & Marriage Therapy in Our St. Cloud Office & Online Throughout Minnesota

We specialize in strength-based marriage counseling for married people and those in committed romantic relationships. Because we are not currently seeing people in our St. Cloud, MN office, we are serving clients from Duluth, Alexandria, Rochester, Mankato, Brainerd, The Range, Morehead and even Minneapolis and St. Paul. Please text or call to learn if we are a good fit for helping your fiancee, life partner and, husband or wife.

St. Cloud Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy in St. Cloud, MN

Resolving marriage breakdown for Engaged, Unmarried and married couples

We help married, unmarried and engaged, premarital couples recover from communications breakdown, loss of trust, sexless or low-sex marriages, stonewalling silent treatment, hurtful arguing, anger, infidelity, affairs, inappropriate texting and pornography use, excessive video game use, and financial or parenting disagreements.

As you solve your relationship challenges in couples counseling, you can expect anxiety levels to drop and gain a renewed sense of hope for your future life together. The following link more fully describes how Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, actually works with you to heal relationship breakdown, including threats of separation and divorce.

Is Your St. Cloud, MN Couples' Therapy Counselor Staying Neutral?

Addressing Hurt, Low Trust, and Betrayal due to Financial, Emotional or Sexual Infidelity

When marriages and committed relationships are struggling, it is as if one or both of you are leaning out, distancing from your commitment to each other. You might even be asking, "Does my spouse even want to be near me anymore?"


If you looking for who might be the best marriage counselor near you, read on. What we address in Marriage Counseling is your hurt, disappointment, lowered trust, and even betrayal through financial, emotional, or sexual infidelity (affairs). In the following link you will learn more about the process of Marriage Therapy and Couples Counseling.

What is the Cost, length of Therapy, Insurance & Success Rate of Online and in-person Marriage Counseling?

Click this link, to learn the cost of marriage counseling, length of therapy, insurance coverage and the likely success of couples therapy.

Generally, premarital and marital couples in-office and online counseling is successful in helping the couple become happy with each other again as long as three fundamentals are present:
  1. Both genuinely want to regain their attraction, friendship, and sexual intimacy with each other as romantic partners.
  2. Each is genuinely committed to understanding and accommodating the other's perspective.
  3. They are willing to do things differently and let go of their ineffective ways of thinking, communicating, and action. Instead, they actively embrace new ideas suggested in marriage therapy.
Marriage Counselor in St. Cloud for Couples Therapy

Assessing your relationship strengths

A quick but essential point. We look for your strengths and how we can amplify the positive qualities of your relationship. Doing so can rekindle attraction, liking, and loving each other. Our work with couples encourages stepping back into the romance and sexual intimacy that brought them together when they first fell in love. The following link, to another page on this website, provides helpful information on how to increase closeness and connection with your mate by embracing the perspective of your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

Some couples also choose to explore how their differing psychological personality types may pose a barrier to getting along, primarily when misunderstood by their spouse. This link explores working with couples with a comprehensive Myers-Briggs assessment.

Sartell MN couple-holding-hands-outdoors

we help engaged, Premarital, married & committed couples

We currently have three website pages devoted to helping couples. At this link, you can learn more about what it might be like to work with me, Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, as your St Cloud couples counselor.

Within online and in-office counseling sessions with your mate, we provide a great many of the best tips and techniques that have proven to help marriage partners and those in committed romantic relationships begin to lean back in toward each other.

Click on this link to read my article on 9 Ways to Improve Your Love Relationship. Another helpful article for couples is on this link on communications tips to help you to better understand your partner's perspective. We posted many other helpful ideas on this website and our  Chandler Counseling & Consulting - St Cloud, MN Facebook page. The last link is for our free useful marriage e-book on lasting marriages by one of my mentors, Dr. Kirk Lamb, Ph.D., LP, Licensed Psychologist.



“We are so thankful and will forever be so thankful for finding Richard during our darkest time. We desperately needed guidance and you were the light that helped us get back on track!

We have learned so much about ourselves and each other during this process – and you have been amazing since day one! We are certain we wouldn’t have been able to get through this without your help!! Highly recommend you, as you have a special gift to help people!”​
A Central MN Business Owner

Troubled Man with ADHD ADD Sitting in Old Building

Individual Men's Therapy for Life Transition, Social Anxiety, Anger Management & Overwhelming Stress

An individualized Approach to Anger Management

You might feel paralyzed with overwhelming stress, social anxiety, and loss. Have you or a loved one has become upset to the point that there is a great deal of anger, including hurtful words?

Working with anger in therapy is based uniquely on you as an individual. This personalized approach is not possible with anger management classes, which must be more generic rather than individualized.

There is also a risk that confidentiality will not be maintained by some members of an anger management group. With one-to-one counseling, confidentiality by the therapist is assured. Note: There could be some exceptions to confidentiality, such as when the therapist is ordered by a judge to release records or to testify. Those exceptions are disclosed to you at the very beginning of the first counseling session.

Please click on the following link to the page on this website that gives you more information about our individualized therapy approach to anger management.


Counseling for men in St Cloud, MN for Anger Management, ADD ADHD and midlife

Specializing in & Online & In-person Counseling for Men

Richard Chandler, MA, LPC specializes in men's issues, helping with the unique counseling concerns of men. Perhaps you may wish to seek counseling therapyonline or  in our St. Cloud, MN office for help in navigating through a mid-life transition, including career consulting.

Men also seek me out to gain clarity on whether it makes the best sense to try to repair their troubled marriage or romantic partner relationship or find a way to part ways with their mate as a love relationship, but still keep communication open for cooperative co-parenting.

You may wish to explore men's issues including navigating midlife transition, increasing intimacy with your mate, enhancing communications, repairing relationships due to infidelity and deciding whether or not it makes the best sense to stay in a marriage or explore the option of being single. This link connects to my web page for more information on the 7 Men's Issues that may be improved with therapy.

I also help men improve their lives in the face of ADD and ADHD struggles on this page.

Happy Central MN Married Couple Laughing at Together with Improved Marriage

Navigating a difficult time in your life

We endeavor to bring insight and clarity to help you formulate a plan to improve your situation. Together, we can marshal your resources and build upon your inner strengths to overcome your challenges.

Many of our individual and couples’ clients find their lives improving soon after beginning  online or in-personcounseling therapy with us here at Chandler Counseling and Consulting - St Cloud, MN.

But doing everything that you can to improve things still may not be enough. Even if the situation itself may not change enough to take away your worry and anxiety, you may still benefit by learning coping strategies to lower anxiety levels.

A strategy for becoming less anxious and helping your life improve is becoming more mindful. Please see this link for how we use mindfulness meditation to lower anxiety. And with lower stress, you may begin to feel better. With more calmness, changing your circumstances becomes easier.

Upgrading Your Career with Career Consulting in St Cloud, MN

Can You Reinvent Your Work Life with Career Consulting?

I began Chandler Counseling & Consulting - St Cloud, MN, in 2012 by offering career planning, guidance, and Life Coaching for clients who were unhappy with their present job and work life. I hope that career counseling will give provide your best opportunity to get a better job, a new and more fulfilling career, or a strategy to help you start your own business.

With online and in-person Career counseling & consulting, we explore new Job opportunities

Perhaps you may wish to earn more income or be happier in your work by exploring new vocational opportunities through career counseling., career guidance, and intentional career planning. Often, this includes career assessments to help you gain a more objective understanding of your career strengths.  Take a look at this link to explore transforming your work life through Career Counseling & Consulting.

3 St Cloud, MN college student give a thumbs up

Career Direction also helps College students with majors & for improving grades

A corollary to career counseling is helping those in college or college-bound high school students to explore potential careers as a way to help them choose a college or university.

We also help students lower their anxiety by choosing a major that is more aligned with their longer-term aspirations - more information on how we help our college clients with a career here.

Online & In-person Counseling for higher grades and better academics

Speaking of college, we have helped a number of our college-age clients achieve much better academic performance. Counseling may help clear the obstacles that have been standing in their way.

One common obstacle is having uncertainty about career direction and what life will be like after college. Find out more here about improving academic performance at this link.

CEO Businesswoman in St. Cloud, MN for Executive Coaching with Richard Chandler, MA, LPC

Self-Employed Business Men & Women Consult with Us Online & In Our St. Cloud, MN Office

In addition to helping them psychologically with their personal issues, I also coach and consult with business owners on how to increase their business success so they can achieve their best work-life balance.

2 men business partners need couples counseling

Business Partners' Online & In-Office Counseling

On our business consulting website, Strategic Leadership Consultants of MN, we discuss how business owners having difficulty with their business partners may resolve the strife. Business Partners' Counseling has helped Central Minnesota partners and business owners to get their business relationship back on track.

The process has many of the same dynamics as couples counseling. Ineffective communication and the non-communication of avoiding is common to struggling business partner relationships.

Even if you ultimately decide to end the business partnership, opening pathways of communication still helps. Having productive conversations is the way forward for making new business ownership arrangements. Find out more about Business Partners' Counseling here at Strategic Leadership Consultants of MN.

St. Cloud, MN Married Couple look to the future with Marriage Counseling at Chandler Counseling & Consulting

Can Beginning Online or In-Person Counseling Therapy with Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, Help Me?

As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), I do not work under a medical model. Therapy instead is based more on helping clients come to a new understanding of their thinking, emotions, relationships, and life challenges.

Working together as your St Cloud, MN marriage counselor, or as your counseling therapist specializing in Men's Issues could help clear the way for you to resolve difficulties and move forward in more creative and empowering ways. I provide an alternative to making therapy so specifically focused on treating mental illness such as anxiety or depression.

My clients appreciate that focusing on their life challenges rather than mental illness diagnoses. Instead, we collaborate by co-creating new ways of thinking, communicating, and being. We discover new insights to intelligently think and skillfully do things in an empowering, intentional, and effective way.

May we work together to improve your life, so your relationships become more optimal and the pain you have been experiencing fades?

If you are new to Counseling, Consulting or Life Coaching, you may wish to preview what it would be like to work with us when first contacting us, having therapy online, or by arriving at our office and having your 1st session. Here is a link to help you know what it is like to begin as a new client of Chandler Counseling & Consulting - St Cloud, MN.

Richard Chandler, MA.,, LPC, Counselor and Therapist in St Cloud, MN

Questions? We Welcome Hearing from You!

Please take a few minutes to explore the pages of this website. You can read about the history of Chandler Counseling & Consulting - St Cloud, MN here on our About Us page. I welcome hearing from residents near me in Sartell, Sauk Rapids, Waite Park, St Joseph, Foley, Milaca, Avon, Albany, Willmar, Sauk Center, Alexandria, Little Falls, Brainerd, Becker, and throughout Central Minnesota.

If you wish, we can also arrange for a brief phone or video-conferencing consultation, (at no cost), to answer your questions and give you a clear picture of how the counseling, consulting or life coaching process might work for your specific needs.  Please contact us by texting or calling at 320-223-9481 or email us at

Best, Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, Individual and, Couples Counseling therapist.

* We Welcome & Affirm LGBTQ Clients

* We respectfully serve African-American Clients

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“Richard is a gifted clinician and I would recommend him to anyone seeking a compassionate and skilled therapist.” 

”Great spirit and wisdom.” 

Brent Fuqua of Full Circle Water

“Richard is a caring and engaged therapist who aids his clients in developing strengths to achieve their goals!”

Ellen O’Brien Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT



“Richard is an empathetic and involved therapist. He cares about every one of his clients. Richard helps his clients achieve their goals!” 

​​Seal Dwyer, MS, LMFT​


Couples Client

“Richard is a very good counselor. He is very easy to talk to and very professional.” 
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