In order to move forward into a new career,  it is imperative that you have the best possible information so that your decisions are sound. Not only do you need to explore the various career options available to you; it is also critical that you have insight into your own inner processes so that you may find engaging work which is a productive match for you. We provide state-of-art assessment tools and consulting services to help you gain insights into matching your unique preferences, strengths, passions, abilities, and skills with prospective career opportunities.

The Strong Interest Inventory®  is a Researched, Reliable and Validated Career Assessment.

It sorts out preferred categories of work, styles of working and the extent to which your results match others in various occupations. If you are in a couple’s relationship, it is most beneficial to meet with you and your life partner to interpret your results, as this will be very insightful for both of you and should be of help for your relationship.  For college students, we can meet with one or both of your parents as well. There is no additional fee for meeting with your support people to interpret your results.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Step II
  • More clearly know and better meet your own needs and preferences as you interact with others.
  • Learn more about the innate preferences of the people with whom you interact, both personally and professionally, so you may communicate with greater clarity and reduce misunderstanding.
  • Make wiser decisions by including in your decision-making process your psychological preference and those that are opposite of yours.
Tailored Solutions to Your Work Challenges
  • Career choice and/or change
  • Major work-life transition
  • Enhancing work or personal communication
  • Managing crisis
  • Improving difficult work relationships

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