Richard works with men, helping them gain insight and perspective when their current marriage or romantic partnership is no longer working happy.  What are some of the root contributing factors to problems of intimacy, anger and poor communications?


Do you find it difficult to connect to your mate, your kids or other significant people in your life?  Have you been told that you are “distant,” or heard other words that imply that your level of care is lacking, falling short of meeting the emotional needs of your loved ones?


Are you frequently upset and find yourself frustrated and angry? Is anger damaging your relationships? There are effective ways for you to fundamentally change habitual patterns of anger. In therapy, we will explore the valid, and perhaps less valid triggers to your anger and you will learn ways to express what is important without some of the negative repercussions of expressing anger less skillfully.


Men often feel “outclassed” in the arena of communications. This does not have to remain so. You can learn some easy-to-learn ways of enhancing your communication skills through counseling.

Midlife Transition

It is common for men who are growing to begin to feel uncertain of their current life direction. This often occurs between one’s mid to late 30’s and 40’s. With counseling, most men can navigate through this difficult period of life and arrive at a much better place than before.