Explore Your Relationship Difficulties and Gain Clarity

Are you struggling in your relationship, wondering what would be best. “Should I stay in or get out?” Perhaps you have already done couples counseling. Or perhaps your partner is unwilling to go to attend marriage therapy and you need support and ways to cope, to communicate better and tone down the stress levels until you can decide what is best for all concerned. We help married and “significant other” clients that are going through very difficult times in their romantic partnership thoroughly explore the issues and gain clarity.

A Neutral Sounding Board

As in couples therapy, we don’t take sides. We don’t judge. We remain neutral. Over time, we help you arrive at your own well-considered conclusions. We do weigh in on what is emotionally healthy and respectful, so you have a professional sounding board, enabling you to make the best long term decision about your future.

Private and Confidential

Of course, what we talk about is in counseling confidential, which is not necessarily the case when talking with friends or family members about such a sensitive topic as the possibility of separation or divorce. If you wish to have a short phone conversation to determine whether or not you wish to schedule, simply call, text or email. You can gain clarity and get relieve from the stress of a broken relationship by taking this first small step.

Couples Counseling, Including Lesbian & Gay Couples

Please text or call at 320-223-9481, or email us, and we can briefly talk about your situation.  After our initial no-cost conversation, we will both know if it makes sense for us to work together to better things for you. If we it would be better for you to work with another counselor, will do our best to help you find one who is better suited to your situation.