Know Your Own Unique Anger Response


Do you experience such a rapid escalation of emotion that hurtful words or actions are already being aimed at another before you even realize that you are angry? I have helped many clients to stop angry responses by understanding their own individual internal progression from irritation and frustration into out-and-out anger.

Learning generic anger management methods tend to fall short. Your process of rapid escalation is unique to you. Until you thoroughly understand it, (even though it occurs in fractions of a second), and know how to interrupt it, angry outbursts are likely to continue.

In addition to working with your anger process itself, we will look at what is behind the initial irritation and frustration that preceded the anger. Some of this work could involve changing the way your spouse or family members are communicating with you, as well as understanding how you are triggered into states of irritation and frustration.

Most clients with whom I have done this work have had immediate improvement and significant change was made after 3 sessions. Please text or call me at 320-223-9481 if you wish to have a short, complementary discussion on working with me around the issue of anger.