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What Contributes to Poor Grades for College Students?

It can be hard to accurately know why you are struggling academically. It may appear to others as if you are lazy, undisciplined or don't seem to care. But, in my work with helping college students improve their academics, those pejorative labels are not what is actually going on. Often, poor grades are not due to a single cause, but a multitude of contributing factors that can include:

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Would Addressing Those Contributors To Poor Grades Help You?

Yes... Any of the ones listed above, as well as others that you can identify, drag on you, and may leave you drained, discouraged and unmotivated. Instead of getting your schoolwork done on time, you might find yourself procrastinating and avoiding your studies. By clearing obstacles that have led to bad grades, and applying really effective strategies that we can provide within your counseling session so your grades improve, you will be on your way to academic success!

Although I work with college-age men and woman, I specialize in men's issues. Counseling, Life Coaching, and Consulting can help. Simply call at 320-223-9481 and we can visit briefly about your situation. If it makes sense for you to schedule a counseling session after a short talk, you can do so. If not, perhaps I can suggest another resource for you.

Note: I work with college students throughout Minnesota including St. Cloud State University, Saint Cloud Technical College, Minnesota School of Business, Rasmussen, St. Johns University and the College of St. Benedicts.

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