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What New And Different Stress-Reducing Activities Might You Do?

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Unique experiences add zest to life and help you to refresh yourself from day-to-day concerns. The idea is to make a list that is more doable than a “bucket list;” make it a “sand pail list” that you can place into action based on your current economic capacity. Make this list on your own, or with your mate.


Here is an Example of a “Less Usual Things to Do” list:

  1. Begin or expand upon an engaging hobby that challenges and relaxes you
  2. Up your travel to varied destinations for day-long,  weekend or longer getaways
  3. Mystery trips – some planed by you; some planned by your travel companion
  4. Volunteer ushering at concerts allowing you to also attend much of the event
  5. Pet sitting for pay or for a return favor, for animals you like, but choose not to own
  6. Go back to school via free or low-cost classes including online options
  7. Volunteering for short timeframes for organizations you have not yet helped
  8. Begin playing, or resume playing a musical instrument, or sing in a choir
  9. Be a Big Brother or Sister to a young person or a developmentally delayed adult
  10. Do things artistically, including cooking, landscaping, gardening or art itself
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