This post was inspired by my wife, Bonnett Chandler, whose exceptional consistency in “planning ahead” allows our professional practices and household to run smoothly and relatively “stress free.” What is important actions can you take to steer clear of last-minute urgency and panic?

7 Preparations to Avoid Predictable Aggravation, Loss and Stress:

1. When possible, and before you need them, buy essentials like food, toilet paper and clothing. You’ll also save money on those purchases by shopping ahead of time for the best price and value

  1. Prepare for the next day the evening before, especially if you aren’t as sharp in the a.m.
  2. Print documents before departure time, as printers often glitch at the worst possible times
  3. Anticipate potential bottlenecks, derailments and others’ objections to your plans. Prepare options to address those dangers as a vital part of your plan
  4. Utilize prompts, (like the windshield mileage reminder of your next oil change) to add assurance that what is important will be remembered
  5. Use organizational tools to more easily find things. Examples include office, closet, kitchen and garage organizing devices
  6. Clear out unneeded energy-draining clutter, so your everyday items have their “place,” and are easily accessible