Deciding upon a college that best matches your own uniqueness and aspirations is perhaps the most important decision you will make as a high school student, or if you wish to change careers. The consequences of not choosing wisely include significant lost time and many thousands of dollars in additional expense. We have assisted a number of forward-thinking high school students in choosing their personal “best fit” in higher education.

Phase 1 of the successful format that we utilize begins by administering and interpreting the more sophisticated version of the Myers-Briggs® psychological personality type assessment, (the MBTI® Step II), along with the Strong Interest Inventory® career assessment. This phase of the process is primarily facilitated by Richard Chandler, a Myers-Briggs Master practitioner who is also certified and experienced in administering and interpreting the Strong Interest Inventory®.

These two assessments provide the specific data needed to zero in on both your innate psychological personality type, and the careers and college majors for which you have an affinity for. We will also discover the kinds of work and study for which you may have some interest in, but might not necessarily be a good match for you, based on your deeper intrinsic preferences. Both of these assessments are well research for reliability and validity.

Phase 2, primarily facilitated by Virginia Riser, PhD, consists of a very detailed formal interview that thoroughly explores a student’s individual affinities, potential colleges, and a good many practical considerations that encompass the college experience itself and beyond.

In addition to the costs of the two assessment instruments, our process involves consultation time between Richard Chandler and Virginia Riser and three hours of face-to-face counseling with the student and his or her parents. We do all of this for under $500. Please text or call at 320.223.9481 for more information or to schedule a time to begin this process.