Lower Your Stress by Preparing

This post was inspired by my wife, Bonnett Chandler, whose exceptional consistency in “planning ahead” allows our professional practices and household to run smoothly and relatively “stress-free.” What strategic actions can you take to steer clear of last-minute urgency and panic? The following tips can contribute to lower stress by preparing.

Preparations for Lower Stress by organizing your life
Lower Stress with an Organized Bathroom Cabinet

7 Preparations for Lowering Stress & Aggravation

1. When possible, and before you need them, buy essentials like food, toilet paper, and clothing. Food and household supplies are continually used and must be replaced. Clothing continually wears out with each laundering. You’ll also save money on those purchases by shopping ahead of time for the best price and value. And purchasing in quantity when you do find good pricing allows you to have more inventory, which means fewer emergency trips to the store, saving you even more money and time.

  1. Prepare for the next day the evening before, especially if you aren’t as sharp in the a.m. Have you noticed rising levels of stress when you are already rushed and you can’t find what you wish to wear for the workday? I have also noticed how much more relaxed I am having what I have picked out all ready to go with no other decisions to make.
  2. Print documents before departure time. Have you noticed how often printers glitch, and seem to do so at the worst possible times?
  3. Anticipate potential bottlenecks, derailments and others’ objections to your plans. If you have ever played pool, you might have noticed how better players play their current shot in such a way that they set themselves up for their next shot. Prepare options to address foreseeable dangers as a vital part of your plan.
  4. Use prompts. You can add assurance that your important things to do will be remembered. The dentist’s office does this for teeth cleaning. Your car maintenance professionals do es this by placing a windshield mileage reminder of your next oil change. You can do the same, even in small ways by placing items that you need to remember to take with you right by the door.
  5. Use organizational tools to more easily find things or save time. Bonnett and I did this by installing sliding tracks for the recyclables and garbage container under our sink. The convenience and neatness of being able to easily pull the bins out prior to putting things into them have saved time and helped keep that cabinet much neater and cleaner. Other examples include organizing tools for your office, closet, kitchen, and garage.
  6. Regularly take a few minutes to clear out unneeded energy-draining clutter, so your everyday items have their “place,” and are easily accessible

Finding ways like 7 preparations for lowering stress shown above can help your life to flow more smoothly. By not seeing clutter your energy level is likely to remain higher. Consequently, your ability to move forward in your life will be enhanced.