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Journaling or Brain Downloading

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This information can help transform worry and ruminating thoughts into productive thinking. With stress, worry and anxiety, your entire body contracts and tightens up. A root cause of stress is repetitive, anxiety-filled thoughts. When you find yourself thinking in this way, simply decide to schedule a time for brain downloading.

For relationship challenges and emotionally oriented thoughts, writing in a * journal, or writing a letter to a friend helps. The act of writing (or typing) untangles and releases confusing, charged feelings from one’s head and body.

Worry Less About the Future by List-making, Scheduling & Strategic Planning

If your worry thoughts are about what to do for your future, making lists and making plans using your calendar works well. So take some time to map out new directions for your career, for creative projects or for leisure travel possibilities

These kinds of writing, in the form of strategic planning, or sorting through one’s issues, are positive, creative acts. After the thoughts and feelings are down on the page, notice your increased energy and relaxation level, as well as how much clearer your head and body feel. Contrast these good feelings to the energy drain and mental clutter you have experienced when all of those jumbled thoughts and worries were just rattling around in your head!

Life Integration Journal by Richard Chandler, MA, LPC

Life Integration Journal - How To Journal Your Way To Love, Health & Success

If you are new to journaling, the Life Integration Journal helps you to learn to more quickly balance and integrate your life by answering engaging prompting questions. Doing so helps you to let stress go of stress while increasing personal fulfillment, leading to better relationships and greater happiness.

In just a few minutes, this journal helps you to plan your day, clarify and connect with your deeper feelings and understand how to integrate the various parts of your life together, so you feel more balanced & whole.

Life-Balance journaling can help in unlocking meaning and understanding. This publication is available at $10.00 for individuals with discounts for purchasing multiple copies. Contact us for more information or to purchase your copy.

*Richard is the author of The Life Integration Journal –How to Journal Your Way to Love, Health & Success


For Experienced Journalers, a Blank Journal Give More Freedom of Expression

Although it is often easier to start with a more structured journal, as shown above, experienced journalers and those with more of an artistic bent might prefer a blank journal. There is something about blank pages that invite the subconscious to express itself more freely. Additionally, blank pages are best if you also like to draw. If not, lined-page journals may also work well for you.

Receiving insights from your deeper awareness may be very helpful in discovering and coming to terms with more fundamental truths in your life or relationships. The physical act of writing seems to help with that more direct connection to your subconscious or unconscious awareness.

Finding the journal that feels connected with you can be an enjoyable experience. I suggest doing so at a store where you can feel the quality of the cover and pages. Personalize your journal in ways that are unique to you at the outset to feel more connected with your journal. The connection to your journal and the process of journaling is a metaphor for connecting more deeply with yourself.

I can answer your specific questions by calling or texting me at (320)223-9481 or email me at [email protected], and we can discuss whether or not it makes sense for us to work together.

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