It Takes Courage To Change

Let’s Explore Your Strengths.

Life Change Has Already Happened…

How Can You Best Respond?

“I Know Things Need To Change”

“Why Is It So Hard To Make a Start?”

Life Change Can Be Scary…

You Don’t Need To Face it Alone. Without some professional help, life changes can seem overwhelming.  You may even feel hopeless.  It is easy to become paralyzed with fear and anxiety –  losing your ability to decide what would be the best way for you to respond.

Our job is to help you navigate through this difficult time, bringing clarity to your situation. Together, we can marshal your outer resources and build upon your inner strengths. We can discover creative and intelligent ways for you to respond to your challenges and move towards a new place of peace and productivity.

Please text or call at 320-223-9481, or email us, and we can briefly talk about your situation.  After our initial no-cost conversation, we will both know if it makes sense for us to work together to better things for you. If we it would be better for you to work with another counselor, will do our best to help you find one who is better suited to your situation.