"Richard’s unique and varied combination of skills and experiences makes him a fabulous resource! I have personally benefited from his consultation on educational and career choices, public speaking, workplace communication, time management, technology, and holistic health and wellness." — Jolene Dickerman, DNP, Registered Nurse, Doctorate Nurse Practitioner​

  • Counselor for Anxiety, Marriage & Career

    The week of March 27th, 2017. Might now be the time for you to move your life or relationship forward? Professional counseling and consulting may be a surer path than continuing along completely on your own. Perhaps we can help. There is no charge for a short, initial first contact. Simply email, text or call to tell us a little about what is going on for you. We will listen carefully to your concerns. After that, you can schedule a session if you wish to do so.

    Better Communication for Lower Stress Relationships

    Marriage therapy helps you to lower your stress from marriage and partner communications breakdown, separation, divorce or parenting disagreements. Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, does couples and marriage counseling as well as counsels teens and those in caregiver roles. Bonnett specializes in women’s issues including loss, life change, aging, adult children and step children, navigating the care of aging parents and dementia. Richard specializes in men’s issues including intimacy, anger and midlife transition.

    Change Can Feel Overwhelming…   Life Coaching Builds Your Strengths

    It is easy to become paralyzed with overwhelming stress and anxiety, feeling drained and losing your ability to respond. Our job is to help you navigate through difficult times, bringing clarity to your situation.  Together, we can marshal your outer resources and build upon your inner strengths to respond and overcome your challenges.

    Career & Workplace Stress Reduction for Individuals & Organizations

    Do you wish to explore new career opportunities that are better matched to who you are as a person? Are you a business owner, executive, manager or HR professional seeking to resolve conflicts, manage disruptive change or achieve higher levels of productivity by improving the “people issues?” We specialize in the world of work including executive coaching, consulting and career counseling.

    No Insurance, High Deductibles or Co-pays?  We are Affordable

    After our initial ‘no cost’ telephone, email or text conversation, you may choose to schedule a session. Although we do not accept insurance, our rates are very affordable. We have a sliding fee scale with reasonable minimums. Please contact us by phone or text at 320-223-9481. Email us at richardjchandler@gmail.com  If other counselors would be a better match for you and your issue, we may recommend several to you.

    Facebook Relationship Tips & St. Cloud Times Articles

    Our Chandler Counseling & Consulting Facebook Page features a short, helpful post for relationships: A Better Relationship: Couples & Romantic Partners… Marriage Counseling Tips

    The St. Cloud Times recently published an article called “Energy Vampires,” and a 2nd one, “He Cheated. Now What?,” based in large part on interviews that journalist, Stephanie Dickrell, did with me. I hope you enjoy them.  Richard Chandler