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“Richard is a caring and engaged therapist whom aids his clients in developing strengths to achieve their goals!” Ellen O’Brien Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT

“Richard was easy to talk to and he seemed like he was really listening to what I had to say.”
Monique O. ​

“Richard is an empathetic and involved therapist. He cares about every one of his clients. Richard helps his clients achieve their goals!” Seal Dwyer, MS, LAMFT​

“Understanding.” Couples Client

“Richard is a very good counselor. He is very easy to talk to and very professional.” Jim N.

“Richard is a gifted clinician and I would recommend him to anyone seeking a compassionate and skilled therapist.” Coy Osgood, MSW, LGSW, CDP, LICSW

St. Cloud Counselor for Marriage Therapy Counseling, Communications, Relationships & Career

Marriage Therapy, Couples Counseling, Individual Counseling in St. Cloud and Central MN for teens and adults, as well as Career Consulting, Life Coaching and Business Consulting & Coaching for this week of June 25th, 2018. Text, call or email for a short complimentary consult.

Couples & Marriage Counseling

We specialize in strength-based marriage & couples counseling for communications breakdown, loss of trust, sexless or low sex marriages, silent treatment, hurtful arguing, anger, infidelity, affairs, inappropriate texting and pornography use, excessive video game use, parenting disagreements and threats of separation and divorce.
[Please see relationship and communication tips on our facebook page.]

Individual Therapy for Life Transition, Social Anxiety, Anger Management & Overwhelming Stress

You might be paralyzed with anger, overwhelming stress, social anxiety, and loss. Or perhaps you feel drained and paralyzed, losing your ability to respond. Our job is to help you navigate through difficult times, bringing insight, clarity and a plan to improve your situation. Together, we can marshal your outer resources and build upon your inner strengths to overcome your challenges. Many of our individual and couples’ clients find their lives improving soon after beginning therapy.

Affordable Rates | Sliding Fee Scale

Insurance does not cover couples and marriage counseling as troubled relationships are not mental illnesses. Our St. Cloud and Central Minnesota clients may take advantage of our sliding fee scale. You can trust that counseling with us is completely confidential. Simply email, call or text at 320-223-9481 for a no-cost consult.

Business Consulting for CEO’s & Owners of Organizations

Many of our individual and couples clients are self-employed business women and men. We can understand the unique challenges faced by those in family-owned businesses who may also be struggling with their marriage. For specific business consulting and coaching services, or career counseling, see St. Cloud Business Coach, our business coaching, and career reinvention website.

Resources for Difficult People, Troubled Marriages & Family or Work Relationships

The St. Cloud Times articles, “Energy Vampires,” and “He Cheated. Now What?,” was based in large part on interviews with Richard Chandler, MA, LPC. The articles were written by the journalist, Stephanie Dickrell.

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